Normalized English Numbers
- January 18, 2021


Make English numbers more consistent and easier to learn with a minimal set of changes.


  1. For any occurrence of 7, say "sev" instead of "seven".
  2. For any number involving 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90,
    say "onety", "twoty", "threety", "fourty", "fivety", "sixty", "sevty", "eighty", and "ninety".


10onety 20twoty 30threety 40fourty
1 one 11onety-one 21twoty-one 31threety-one 41fourty-one
2 two 12onety-two 22twoty-two 32threety-two 42fourty-two
3 three 13onety-three 23twoty-three 33threety-three43fourty-three
4 four 14onety-four 24twoty-four 34threety-four 44fourty-four
5 five 15onety-five 25twoty-five 35threety-five 45fourty-five
6 six 16onety-six 26twoty-six 36threety-six 46fourty-six
7 sev 17onety-sev 27twoty-sev 37threety-sev 47fourty-sev
8 eight 18onety-eight 28twoty-eight 38threety-eight48fourty-eight
9 nine 19onety-nine 29twoty-nine 39threety-nine 49fourty-nine
50fivety 60sixty 70sevty 80eighty 90ninety
51fivety-one 61sixty-one 71sevty-one 81eighty-one 91ninety-one
52fivety-two 62sixty-two 72sevty-two 82eighty-two 92ninety-two
53fivety-three 63sixty-three 73sevty-three 83eighty-three 93ninety-three
54fivety-four 64sixty-four 74sevty-four 84eighty-four 94ninety-four
55fivety-five 65sixty-five 75sevty-five 85eighty-five 95ninety-five
56fivety-six 66sixty-six 76sevty-six 86eighty-six 96ninety-six
57fivety-sev 67sixty-sev 77sevty-sev 87eighty-sev 97ninety-sev
58fivety-eight 68sixty-eight 78sevty-eight 88eighty-eight 98ninety-eight
59fivety-nine 69sixty-nine 79sevty-nine 89eighty-nine 99ninety-nine

77 sevty-sev
777 sev-hundred-sevty-sev
7777 sev-thousand-sev-hundred-sevty-sev
77777 sevty-sev-thousand-sev-hundred-sevty-sev
777777 sev-hundred-sevty-sev-thousand-sev-hundred-sevty-sev


  • All single digits have one syllable.
  • All double digits have three syllables - except that 0 is silent.
  • The "teens", 13-19, are pronounced left to right instead of right to left.
  • The oddball "teens", 11-12, are consistent with the other numbers.
  • All tens-place digits use the same name as the ones-place digits.